1973 Chevelle/Monte Carlo Regular Production Options by Model*

This page will only list the RPO code, quantity sold, possible number of units the option was available on, and the percentage of those sold vs. possible.

Chevrolet did not retain any records on combinations of options. This means it is impossible to know how many of any particular series and body style came with any combination of options such as how many convertibles were built with a 4-speed and/or a specific optional engine or how many 2-door sport coupes came with a radio.

Reported Sold
AK1Custom Deluxe Belts184,333742,40925
AN7Strato-Bucket Seats127,157562,11823
AU3Power Door Lock System43,715742,4096
AU6Power Tailgate Release14,58741,82335
A01Soft Ray Tinted Glass604,433742,40981
A02Soft Ray Tinted Windshield19,387736,0873
A20Swing Out Rear Quarter Window4,33641,82310
A31Electric Control Windows77,058684,06011
A426-Way Power Seat15,325624,3602
B37Color Keyed Floor Mats249,064742,40934
B80Roof Drip Molding7,432380,3752
B84Body Side Molding344,787725,41348
B93Door Edge Guards258,317725,41336
B96Wheel Opening Molding2,717364,9421
CA1Sky Roof9,055517,4632
C08Vinyl Roof Cover486,791683,30142
C50Rear Window Defroster98,607677,42215
C51Rear Window Air Deflector12,76559,10822
C604-Season Air Conditioning572,288726,42879
D33Remote Control Rearview Mirror189,610724,40926
D34Vanity Visor Mirror34,085634,6395
D35Sport Mirrors102,178634,63916
D88Sport Stripes6,17760,81010
F40Special Suspension56,352683,3018
G80Positraction Rear Axle47,055742,4096
J50Power Brakes348,034392,60889
K30Speed & Cruise Control31,455290,69311
K7661 Amp Delcotron Generator22,904739,252--
K8563 Amp Delcotron Generator882737,384--
LS4454-4bbl V8 Engine22,528723,2713
L48350-4bbl V8 Engine199,984723,27128
L65350-2bbl V8 Engine446,860726,42862
M204-Speed Transmission Wide Ratio3,879288,6001
M214-Speed Transmission Close Ratio1,685288,6001
M38Turbo Hydra Matic Transmission704,575742,40995
M40Turbo Hydra Matic Transmission20,842723,2713
N33Comfortilt Steering Wheel154,750742,40921
N40Power Steering435,394451,71696
N95Wire Wheel Covers31,757741,0934
PA3Special Wheel Trim Cover29,713290,69310
PE1Turbine I Wheels22,620451,7165
PE2Turbine II Wheels3,034182,9232
P01Full Wheel Covers243,631437,72756
QEHE78 x 14 B W/Stripe Tires7,76917,26845
QGFG70 x 14 B W/Letter Tires26,934375,3407
QGLG78 x 14 B W/Stripe Tires258,608392,60866
QGTG78 x 15 B W/Stripe Tires3,8054,94077 
QHFH78 x 14 B W/Stripe Tires56,771434,44813
QRMGR70 x 15 Steel Belt Radial271,254290,69393
T60Heavy Duty Battery70,120742,4099
UM1Stereo Tape with AM Radio55,520676,1068
UM2Stereo Tape with Stereo Radio22,193677,4223
U14Special Instrumentation51,564574,0069
U35Electric Clock61,037451,71614
U58AM/FM Stereo Radio48,035677,4227
U63AM Pushbutton Radio456,294742,40961
U69AM/FM Pushbutton Radio111,539742,40915
U76Windshield Antenna549718,372--
U80Rear Seat Speaker173,598677,42226
VE5Deluxe Bumpers71,397672,68411
V01Heavy Duty Radiator89,399742,40912
V30Bumper Guards190,693672,38428
V55Roof Carrier34,30959,10858
YA2El Camino Estate6,72359,70011
YA7Calif Assembly Line Emission Test71,346742,40910
YD1Trailering Axle Ratio6,276723,2711
YJ9Exterior Decor Package125,067550,02823
ZJ7Rally Wheels85,859290,69330
ZJ9Auxiliary Lighting103,859742,40914
ZQ9Performance Axle Ratio6,898723,2711
Z15SS Equipment28,647249,88011
701Black Vinyl17,33658,34930
704Black Vinyl67,882323,34221
705Medium Blue Vinyl33,795323,64210
707Black Vinyl10,502333,6673
708Black Vinyl37,809290,69313
709Dark Red Vinyl6,33170,0259
710Dark Green Vinyl5,63342,12213
712Black Cloth4,305285,4992
713Dark Green Vinyl31,253323,34210
714Dark Red Cloth3,69456,0367
717Dark Saddle Vinyl5,264211,7252
719Medium Blue Vinyl5,951321,5052
720Dark Saddle Vinyl36,217262,66314
721Medium Chamois Vinyl9,899229,4634
722Medium Blue Cloth5,505285,4992
726Dark Green Cloth5,470285,4992
727Dark Green Vinyl8,152333,6672
728Dark Green Vinyl9,188290,6933
732Light Neutral Vinyl70,329323,34222
733Light Neutral Vinyl7,59626,65428
734Light Neutral Vinyl20,047333,6676
735Light Neutral Vinyl46,292290,69316
983Two Tone - Light Blue/White3,678392,6081
985Two Tone - Medium Blue/White1,440392,608--
990Two Tone - Light Green/White3,444392,6081
991Two Tone - Green Gold/White3,785392,6081
992Two Tone - Medium Green/White991392,608--
994Two Tone - Chamois/White3,161392,6081

* Figures based on Len Williamson's Tailfins & Bowtie publication.