1974 Chevelle/Monte Carlo Regular Production Options by Model*

This page will only list the RPO code, quantity sold, possible number of units the option was available on, and the percentage of those sold vs. possible.

Chevrolet did not retain any records on combinations of options. This means it is impossible to know how many of any particular series and body style came with any combination of options such as how many convertibles were built with a 4-speed and/or a specific optional engine or how many 2-door sport coupes came with a radio.

Model Code
Reported Sold
AK1Custom Deluxe Belts202,626725,8862825
AN7Strato-Bucket Seats110,275615,92918
AU3Power Door Lock System50,232725,6857
AU6Power Tailgate Release8,54031,87427
A01Soft Ray Tinted Glass622,788725,93386
A02Soft Ray Tinted Windshield18,502719,2243
A20Swing Out Rear Quarter Window1,05731,8743
A31Power Windows77,847613,48813
A426-Way Power Seat12,602552,3142
A90Electric Trunk Opener4,016312,217--
BX8Full Body Moldings44551,2231
B2HInterim Equipment Change109,318710,14115
B2MDelete Power Steering327350,528--
B37Color Keyed Floor Mats329,304725,93345
B44Removable Load Floor Carpet63244,1081
B80Roof Drip Molding1,720112,1972
B84Body Side Molding491,688709,60469
B93Door Edge Guards365,239715,71151
B96Wheel Opening Molding643,176--
CA1Sky Roof7,570536,4371
CB1Vinyl Roof - Touring156,948177,08789
C08Vinyl Roof Cover263,118526,64050
C50Rear Window Defroster125,558674,71019
C51Rear Window Air Deflector9,42144,1083
C604-Season Air Conditioning589,012689,55685
D24Litter Container33,608725,8865
D33Remote Control Rearview Mirror216,816554,95629
D34Vanity Visor Mirror15,009598,3413
D35Sport Mirrors82,943554,75515
D91Conquista Package17,74245,42839
F40Special Suspension35,873681,7785
G80Positraction Rear Axle24,993725,8863
G92Performance Rear Axle3,335689,556--
G95Economy Axle Ratio486629,656--
J50Power Brakes169,114369,60846
K30Speed and Cruise Control49,227312,21716
K7661 Amp Delcotron Generator1,420725,685--
LF6400-2bbl V8 Engine129,654689,55619
LM1350-4bbl V8  Engine Turbo Fire54,969689,5568
LS4454-4bbl V8 Engine16,098686,9732
LT4400-4bbl V8 Engine Turbo Fire11,795689,5562
L65350-2bbl V8 Engine476,312689,55669
L90Low Compression Ratio 629120,3681
M214-Speed Transmission Close Ratio984254,922--
M38Turbo Hydra Matic Transmission687,054725,93395
M40Turbo Hydra Matic Transmission15,116686,9732
N31Custom Steering Wheel5,3186,11087
N33Comfortilt Steering Wheel204,111725,73228
N41Variable Ratio Power Steering382,374391,81498
N65Space Saver Spare Tire561612,217--
N95Wire Wheel Covers17,281391,3752
PA3Deluxe Wheel Cover22,487184,87312
PE1Turbine 1 Wheels2,988380,1671
PE2Turbine 2 Wheels625184,873--
P01Full Wheel Covers278,334548,84651
QDRGR78-15/B Steel Belt Radial Tires17,670311,3296
QEHE78 x 14 B W/Stripe Tires4,97036,12914
QELHR78-15/B Steel Belt Radial Tires2,62144,1086
QGFG70 x 14 B W/Letter Tires2,089317,4391
QGKG78 x 14 Belted Tires10836,176--
QGLG78 x 14 B W/Stripe Tires263,709353,81675
QHEH78 x 14 Belted Tires165317,439--
QHFH78 x 14 B W/Stripe Tires2,259317,4391
QQZHR70-15/B Steel Belt Radial Tires15,532689,5562
QRMGR70 x 15 Steel Belt Radial W322,307645,44850
QRNGR70 x 15 Steel Belt Radial2,250317,4391
QRVHR70 x 15/B  Steel Belt Radial Tires2,032689,556--
QRZGR70 x 15 Stl Belt Radial W/Letter3,717333,2311
UA1Heavy Duty Battery44,018725,9336
UM1Stereo Tape with AM Radio46,352674,7107
UM2Stereo Tape with Stereo Radio18,590674,7103
U05Dual Horn31,407725,9334
U14Special Instrumentation36,748561,5467
U35Electric Clock77,946413,71619
U58AM/FM Stereo Radio50,192674,7107
U63AM Pushbutton Radio411,244725,93357
U69 AM/FM Pushbutton Radio116,018725,68516
U76Windshield Antenna1,056725,886--
U80Rear Seat Speaker168,000674,71025
VE5Deluxe Bumpers96,758675,94214
V01Heavy Duty Radiator64,459725,9339
V30Bumper Guards219,013703,78331
V55Roof Carrier28,20044,10864
YA2El Camino Estate1,34545,3823
YD1Trailering Axle Ratio3,772689,5561
YJ9Exterior Decor Package201,159391,81451
ZJ7Rally Wheels128,008689,86419
ZJ9Auxiliary Lighting141,489725,73219
Z15SS Equipment4,54345,38210
701Black Vinyl20,74197,40721
704Black Vinyl71521,9023
705Medium Blue Vinyl36,814312,21712
707Black Vinyl37,783279,41614
708Black Vinyl1,25921,9026
709Black Vinyl49,426312,21716
713Light Neutral Vinyl2,486112,1972
714Dark Red Cloth33,457279,41612
716Light Neutral Vinyl55,901312,21718
718Medium Saddle Vinyl Trim1,57621,9027
719Medium Blue Vinyl3,25021,90215
720Dark Oxblood Cloth13,87721,90263
723Medium Blue Cloth12,69097,40713
726Medium Green Knit Cloth18,852312,2176
727Medium Green Cloth61067,2061
728Medium Green Vinyl23,485279,4168
730Medium Green Vinyl17,993312,2176
732Light Neutral Vinyl26,546250,29911
734Light Neutral Vinyl23,951312,2178
735Midnight Blue Vinyl5,42129,11719
737Midnight Blue Vinyl19,948312,2176
738Black Vinyl/Green Seats10897,206--
742Medium Saddle Vinyl25,720312,2178
830Dark Green Vinyl/Neutral Seat3,075112,3983

* Figures based on Len Williamson's Tailfins & Bowtie publication.