1975 Chevelle

Decoding Information Links

  • Engine Suffix Codes
    Listing of engine ID codes for size, horsepower, and transmission type.
  • Fisher Body Number Plate General Breakdown
    General decoding of Fisher Body Number Plates (a.k.a. trim tag, cowl tag, firewall tag).
  • Interior Codes
    Listing of all interior codes found on the Fisher Body Number Plate and samples of many.
  • Paint Codes
    Listing of all paint codes found on the Fisher Body Number Plate and samples of many.
  • Protect-O-Plate Warranty cards
    Decoding Protect-O-Plate Warranty cards ~ See samples via Chevelle and El Camino links below.
  • Rear Axle Codes
    Axle ratio, date, manufacturing plant.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Plate Breakdown
    Generic decoding of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plates.

Other Links

  • Trim Tag Examples
    Examples of every assembly plant's trim tags for Chevelle and El Camino.
  • Engine Photos
    Several engine compartment photos.
  • Interior Photos
    Examples of interiors by code number.
  • Options by Quantity/Cost
    Options listed as RPO and/or Accessory.
  • Options by Series/Model Number
    Options listed by RPO and percentage sold.
  • Production Year Calendar
    September of 1974 to August of 1975.
  • Production Numbers By Plant
    Last VIN reported by GM for each assembly plant.
  • Production Numbers By Style/Model
    How many of each style, model, and engine type (L6 vs. V8) was produced.
  • Warranty Protect-O-Plate cards ~ Chevelle
    Examples of Chevelle Protect-O-Plate Warranty cards.
  • Warranty Protect-O-Plate cards ~ El Camino
    Examples of El Camino Protect-O-Plate Warranty cards.
  • 1975 Chevelle Photo Gallery
    Photos of 1975 Chevelles in almost every color offered.
  • 1975 El Camino Photo Gallery
    Photos of 1975 El Caminos in almost every color offered
  • 1975 Monte Carlo Photo Gallery
    Photos of 1975 Monte Carlos.