1975 Chevelle/Monte Carlo Regular Production Options by Model*

This page will only list the RPO code, quantity sold, possible number of units the option was available on, and the percentage of those sold vs. possible.

Chevrolet did not retain any records on combinations of options. This means it is impossible to know how many of any particular series and body style came with any combination of options such as how many convertibles were built with a 4-speed and/or a specific optional engine or how many 2-door sport coupes came with a radio.

Model Code
Reported Sold
AG76-Way Power Seat5,964258,9092
AK1Custom Deluxe Seat & Shoulder Belts152,465575,83726
AN7Swing-Out Bucket Seats72,266486,90515
AQ43rd Seat/Additional Rear Seats13,37113,371100
AT850/50 Reclining Passenger Seat18,497258,9097
AU3Power Door Lock System55,248575,83610
AU6Power Tailgate Release11,28438,60529
AV3Pickup Box Tie Downs11533,620--
A01Soft Ray Tinted Glass495,411575,83786
A02Soft Ray Tinted Windshield17,735574,3703
A20Swing-Out Rear Quarter Window99138,6053
A31Power Windows75,170574,76513
A39Custom Deluxe Seat Belts7,1638,34986
A426-Way Power Seat9,752571,8702
A52Bench Front Seat284,320359,50379
A65Seat Back/Split Front Seat w/Arm Rest200,749216,33493
A90Power Trunk Opener18,341258,9097
BW2Deluxe Body Side Molding139,113258,90954
BX8Full Body Moldings51233,6202
B37Color Keyed Floor Mats273,531575,83748
B44Removable Load Floor Carpet5,12045,58211
B48Deluxe Luggage Compartment Trim534258,909--
B80Roof Drip Molding1,79892,8062
B84Body Side Molding199,433307,69065
B93Door Edge Guards254,512566,59945
B96Wheel Opening Molding10673,358--
CA1Sky Roof7,402407,7032
CB1Vinyl Roof Cover (these are figures released)23,29523,069100
CB4Vinyl Roof Cover110,380110,380100
CB8Vinyl Roof Cover5,1757,78866
CD4Intermittent Windshield Wiper27,248575,8375
C05Folding Convertible Top8,3498,349100
C08Vinyl Roof Cover /& Auxiliary Top58,396240,48824
C09Padded Vinyl Roof Cover56,174148,52938
C50Rear Window Defroster106,038542,21620
C51Rear Window Deflector9,05345,58220
C60Four Season Air Conditioning481,810575,93784
DF3Remote Control OSRV Mirror - RH2,745434,5991
D24Litter Container21,197574,7654
D33Remote Control OSRV Mirror - LH135,117434,59931
D34Vanity Visor Mirror14,463465,4573
D35Sport Mirrors81,094452,49318
D68Twin Remote Sport Mirrors40,621575,8367
D91Conquista Two-Tone Paint/Molding13,76429,65346
D99Two-Tone Paint Moldings13,463240,4886
FE8Radial Tuned Suspension763199,064--
F40Heavy Duty Front and Rear Suspension26,737530,2545
G80Positraction Rear Axle18,809575,8363
G92High Altitude Rear Axle387540,304--
G95Highway Axle Ratio8,851543,4972
J50Vacuum Power Brake Equipment52,147271,34519
K05Engine Block Heater98779,2021
K30Cruise-Master Speed Control94,955543,49717
K72Emission Control - Delete (Export)1,478572,940--
K75Emission Control - Delete (Export)2,205496,634--
K7661 Amp Delcotron Generator879575,836--
LM1350-4bbl V8 Engine34,351543,4876
LS4454-4bbl V8 Engine4,263533,3321
LT4400-4bbl V8 Engine40,603543,4977
L22250-1bbl L6 Engine32,34032,340100
L65350-2bbl V8 Engine464,275543,48785
M153 Speed Manual Transmission4,56932,33914
M38/M40Turbo Hydramatic Transmission567,000575,83798
M40Turbo Hydramatic Transmission4,263533,3321
NB2California Emission Equipment1216,2172
N31Sport Steering Wheel4,836315,8562
N33Comfortilt Steering Wheel180,022575,83631
N41Variable Ratio Power Steering28,50332,33988
N95Wire Wheel Covers11,326566,9772
PA3Deluxe Wheel Cover4,848258,9092
PE1Turbine I Wheels3,601145,7702
PE2Turbine II Wheels102,061110,38093
P01Full Wheel Covers201,061434,60046
QBUFR78-15/B S/B Radial B/Wall5,88830,49519
QBWFR78-15/B S/B Radial W/Stripe24,31330,49580
QBXGR70-15/B S/B Radial B/Wall2,195216,3151
QCDLR78-15/C S/B Radial W/Stripe64,88171,76690
QCFGR78-15/B S/B Radial B/Wall23,665217,78111
QCNHR70-15/B S/B Radial W/Stripe3,493507,8241
QCPHR70-15/B S/B Radial B/Wall1,133480,864--
QCVHR70-15/B S/B Radial W/Letter71123,006--
QCXGR70-15/B S/B Radial W/Stripe254,006497,91551
QCYGR70-15/B S/B Radial W/Letter3,315239,0061
QDRGR78-15/B S/B Radial W/Stripe176,966222,11280
QDUHR78-15/B S/B Radial W/Wall551216,315--
QELHR78-15/B S/B Radial W/Stripe38,114284,58813
QGLG78-14/B B/B W/Stripe2,835240,0931
QHEH78-14/B B/B B/Wall26140,9821
QHFH78-14/B B/B W/Stripe23045,5821
QRMGR70-15/B S/B Radial W/Stripe12266,697--
UA1Heavy Duty Battery25,024575,8364
UF7Econominder Gauge Package63,335575,83611
UM1Stereo Tape with AM Radio29,746542,2165
UM2Stereo Tape with Stereo Radio15,995542,2163
U05Dual Horn35,564442,3878
U14Special Instrumentation11,662470,0302
U18Speedometer (Export)2,993572,9401
U35Electric Clock70,764309,14023
U58AM/FM Stereo Radio36,512542,2167
U63AM Radio309,734575,83754
U69AM/FM Radio89,722575,83616
U76Windshield Antenna1,037564,842--
U80Rear Seat Speaker104,479542,21619
VE5Deluxe Bumpers100,527544,97918
V01Heavy Duty Radiator43,955575,8378
V30Bumper Guards179,419568,04832
V55Roof Carrier29,47045,58265
YA2Custom El Camino Estate47429,6532
YB5General Processing Option117,894--
YF5California Emission Certification39,219575,8367
YJ9Exterior Decor Package45,59892,80649
ZJ7Rally Wheels118,972568,04821
ZJ9Auxiliary Lighting118,140575,83621
Z03Landau Option133,449133,449100
Z15El Camino SS Equipment3,52129,25812
Z95Regular Fuel Engine Equipment18772,413--
11AWhite Sport Striping20,70230,85767
11LAntique White8706,21714
11TAA White Vinyl Roof Cover33,492369,8058
13ASilver Sports Striping3227,7884
13TWW Silver Metallic/Vinyl Roof Cover3,125396,8051
15ASilver Sport Stripes292110,380--
19ABlack Sports Striping4,59030,85715
19NCBB2 Black Cloth/KBB3 50-5031258,908--
19TBB Black Vinyl Roof Cover25,891396,8057
24LMedium Blue2,594240,4881
26LBright Blue Metallic/White2,044240,4881
26NKDD2 Dark Blue Cloth Bucket8258,909--
28TDD Dark Blue Vinyl Roof Cover14,520389,0174
29LMidnight Blue Metallic655240,488--
44LMedium Green2,158240,4881
44NKGG3 Medium Green Cloth 50-501110,380--
44TGG Medium Green Vinyl Roof Cover6,568389,0172
49LDark Green Metallic/White749240,488--
53AGold Metallic Sports Striping70123,0693
55NKTT2 Medium Sandstone Cloth Bucket2110,380--
55TTT Sandstone Vinyl Roof Cover17,014389,0174
59LDark Brown Metallic869240,488--
64LMedium Orange Metallic/White1,465240,4881
68TFF Dark Brown Vinyl Roof Cover5,308240,4882
73NKHH3 Dark red Cloth 50-503258,909--
74ARed Metallic sports Striping1,5757,78820
74LDark Red Metallic1,437240,4881
74THH Dark Red Vinyl Roof Cover13,648396,8053
75ARed Sports Striping50123,0692
75TRR Red Vinyl Roof Cover179218,923--
78ARed Sports Striping3,094110,3803

* Figures based on Len Williamson's Tailfins & Bowtie publication.